venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Risonanze #5

... e, intanto che non scrivo nulla, accumulo risonanze...

Di quanto riportato sotto, i Metric mi hanno tenuto parecchio compagnia quest'estate, Soap&Skin è una scoperta reiterata e Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes sta per darci il terzo lavoro (previsto per inizio ottobre).

Buon ascolto.

I am alive, I know my place
I belong in your arms again
And I been waiting for you, to belong to me
Some might say I am silly woman to wait
But I know you still hold my love
Some people think that I, heading for a melt down
That I'm sitting by the phone
That I worry but no
When I meet your body close
I burn up in smoke
And I swore I keep waiting...

Emiliana Torrini: "Me and Armini"
Help I'm alive
My heart keeps beating like a hammer
Hard to be soft
Tough to be tender
Come take my pulse the pace is on a runaway train
Help I'm alive
My heart keeps beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer.
Look at us through the lens of a camera,
does it remove all of our pain?
If we run they'll look in the back room,
where we hide all of our feelings.
I'll just close my eyes as you walk out.
You fall from grace, we fall with such grace.

Editors: "Camera"
Every day I feel more like her
Street magic in the burning dawn
Out for blood my selfless lover
Forever yours and then she's gone
Radios play nothing when she's far away
Tv antenna nothing gone to waste
Radio transmitting nowhere it falls away,
She's far away.
Are we blind - can we see?
We are one, incomplete
Are we blind - in the city?
Waiting for lightning to be saved, yeah
Cause love is noise, love is pain
Love is these blues that I'm singing again .

The Verve: "Love Is Noise"
Plus loin que la nuit et le jour, 
Dans l'espace inouï de l'amour. 
Voyage, voyage 
Sur l'eau sacrée d'un fleuve indien, 
Et jamais ne revient.
I want the stars to know they've won if only to beguile
The sky has opened up again in heavens reconciled
I want you naked, I want you wild, I want the stars to know they win
Give me that smile, just give it me, just turn it on, I'm lost again
I'm what you found, I'm upside down
You're everywhere, you're in the air and I am breathing you.

R.E.M.: "You're In The Air"
Watching waiting rising falling
Listening calling drifting.
Touching feeling seeing believing
Hoping sending leaving.
I couldn't say why you and I are Gemini
We're travelling a million worlds away.
I see your shadow coming closer
Then watch you drifiting away.
Il mare impetuoso al tramonto
salì sulla luna e dietro una
tendina di stelle... se la chiavò!

Zucchero: "Il mare impetuoso al tramonto..."
And with two suns spinning
At two different speeds
Was born a hot, white diamond
Burning through the rainbow
Flames fell into orbit
To hold eternally
Two heavenly spirits
That just wouldn't seem

To be made of glass
When two suns are shining
The battle becomes blinding
To be made of glass
But we ride tonight, tonight, tonight, we ride.

... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...